Sunday, March 9, 2008

Best Week at CVS Yet!

Wow! Last week's CVS deals were great! In two trips and four transactions, I got all of this...

...for 6.73. That's-
1 Venus razor
2 Pantene hair gel
2 Swiffer dry sweeper cloths (large box)
1 Glade flameless candle
2 Glade candles
3 Garnier shampoo/cond.
2 Tresemme shampoo/cond.
1 Tresemme hair gel
5 Colgate toothpaste
2 Oral B toothbrushes

I only have 7 ECBs to roll over on account of the fact that I bought a third bottle of Garnier not realizing that it was limit of 2 on earning ECBs. Not only did I not get any ECBs, I paid for it in ECBs and used one of my coupons. I also had some issues with the toothpaste. Two of the tubes I bought were mentioned in the ad as being on sale with ECBs, but they rang up at a different price and I didn't get the ECBs. I've been contemplating calling Customer Service about it. I used ECBs to pay for them, so I can't get anything back by returning them. Grr...

The Garnier deal is running again this week, and so is the Venus razor deal. Those are probably the only deals I'll do this week, but I might add the Irish Spring deal just because I got a CRT (cash register tape) coupon for Irish Spring which will make the deal even better.


Anonymous said...

Great job! WOW!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

Doesn't love a wall said...

OK, how'd you get the Venus so cheap?

Risha said...

Well, it was 9.99, so it wasn't that cheap, but I did have a $4 off coupon. The deal comes in from the fact that I had ECBs from a previous trip to CVS, so I used those to pay for the remaining balance after the coupon was deducted, and then I got 6 ECBs back for buying the razor. They are, by the way, still running this deal of buy the razor and get the 6 ECBs. When I bought the razor, I also bought the 2 Pantene and 4 of the toothpastes. By the time I used all my coupons, I think I owed $14 and change, and I had 14 ECBs. In the end, I paid .45.

I used a lot of manufacturer coupons, but I also used several CVS coupons that were $5/$15 and one $4/$20. These are issued straight from CVS, and I got them through various means. These coupons are the reason that I split my purchases into so many transactions, and they're also the secret to getting such great deals.

Risha said...

I forgot to add that when I did the order with the razor, I had to use my 14 ECBs, but I got back 10.98 ECBs, 6 for the razor and 2.99 each for two of the toothpastes. (I thought I was going to get back an additional 5.98, but I had issues with buying the wrong toothpaste, which I already mentioned...)