Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grocery Deals!

Wow, there were some good deals this week at my local stores! I did some major price-matching at Walmart. I think pretty soon the cashiers are going to start running when they see me coming! Here's a few of the good ones. The original price is what it normally costs at Walmart.
1. Boneless, skinless Chicken breasts- 6.00 (3 lb. bag), PM to 4.47! This deal was amazing! I bought two bags, and I think I might go and get at least one more to stock up!
2. Secret deordorant- 3.48, PM to 2.19+50 cent coupon!
3. Various Pilsbury rolls, breads, bisquits- 1.93, and 2.00+, PM to 1.00+ coupons!

My friend Shelley told me about this site that helps you find all of the deals in the weekly circulars from your local stores. Every Thursday, I take the weekly circulars, go through and circle the items I'm interested in, and then later I will write them down and decide which ones I will actually add to my shopping list. Once I'm at the store, I will compare it to Walmart's price to see if I'm actually getting a bargain. If I'm not, I don't buy it unless it's something that I was planning to buy anyway. Since I've really been focusing on saving money, I've really started trying to plan my meals around what is on sale and also to stock up on things when they're at a good price. Case in point, the infamous rump roast from last week (which is going to give me four meals) and the chicken from this week. By doing this, I may be spending more on this week's (or last week's) grocery bill, but I'm spending less in the long run. However, with the assistance of this new site, I was able to find a few deals that I had initially overlooked. I also like that you can add the items you want to your list and then print it out.

I still spent more money today than what I eventually want to do on a weekly basis, but I'm not stressing about it. Number one, I figure there's a learning curve. Number two, I have acknowledged the fact that it takes a little extra money up front to stock up so that eventually you'll be spending less.

Recently, I've also been motivated to start looking into buying things like produce and meat more direct. My neighbor, whose in-laws operate a natural foods store, sent me this article, which really kind of alarmed me a little bit. That combined with the recent revelation into the beef industry and the recall of thousands of pounds of beef have got me wondering about finding a local farmer to buy from. Meat is not a major part of our diet, but I would like to know that what we are eating is of good quality. I also really like the idea of supporting local farmers. I'm looking forward to spring more than ever because it will bring the new season of farmer's markets. I'd also like to consider getting involved in this program.

I'm probably taking a week off from CVS this week. There weren't really any deals that grabbed my attention, and my ECBs have a couple of weeks before they expire.

I'm really thankful for all the ways God has provided for us, especially in just the last two days. I received a new assignment for some freelance work that I do (which is excellent money!), and we got our taxes back from the accountant tonight. God is blessing us with a very good refund, and we are so happy!

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