Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the moral of the story is...Check your receipt!

I ventured out to Walmart for my weekly shopping trip. I decided this week to try just shopping for one week's worth of food. However, I was prepared that I was going to need to spend a bit more money because we were out of things that cost a bit of money...a couple of spices, olive oil, a few toiletry products that I couldn't work in at CVS, and filters for our humidifiers. However, I was also looking forward to scoring some deals by price-matching, namely on some beef- rump roast, reg. 3.50ish a pound; price-matched to 1.68/lb. It was going to cut the price in half. I also had some produce items to price-match.

Unfortunately, the cashier was new, had a little trouble but once someone explained it to her, she seemed to be doing okay. Then she hit the total button, and I almost choked. I know my eyes visibly bugged out of my head. It was 198 dollars! I was so discouraged, because I had really tried to be careful. I was sure that something wasn't right. I didn't want to make a scene, so I quietly paid my bill, took my receipt and pushed my cart out of the way to study it. Sure enough, as I was scanning down, I came to the realization that she had charged me full price for my reduced-price meat, not just once, but four times! That was $44! She had also double charged me for another item.

I remained calm as the manager at the customer service desk took FOREVER to figure out how the cashier had rung the meat up incorrectly. She was super-nice about it the whole time, though. In the end, I walked out with an additional $45! I still spent a lot of money, but $150 is much more acceptable considering all the extra items I had to buy this week. Plus, the chicken and beef that I bought will be used for 3-4 meals next week, so next week's bill should be much less!

Pay attention to your receipts!


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Ohhhh I did that once at walmart and turned right around and went back in. It pays to pay attention!!! I try to watch each thing bring run up. Becuase I carefull choose each item I know what it costs. Not just throwing things in the cart going thru the store. So when something rings up wrong I KNOW IT!!! :-D

GiddyRobinMama said...

Walmart is the worst. You always have to wait forever if they make a mistake, and the line is sooo long waiting on people to buy money orders or wiring funds. I have learned to watch every single item pass over the scanner myself. The good news is at Kroger and Publix, if you catch an overcharge (rings up incorrectly) while you are being checked it out you get it free! I have gotten many free things this way. Oddly I have found Publix and Walmart to be the worst for prices mismarked and Kroger to be the best for correct labelling. Also I have learned to count every coupon as it gets rung up, many times they stick together and you miss out on a good deal! Either way I would say once every 2 weeks I get something wrong on a reciept between the 4 places I shop.